When Am I Going To Use This?

Exams are over where I live, so here’s the question some students have been asking all year

This is the second most commonly asked question in math (or maths) class that only succumbs to “Will this be on the test?”



So, When Am I Going To Use This?

Everything in our world works around math. Everything. Every move you make on the road can influence patterns, which traffic engineers will use to optimize lights. Your phone and computer operate on math functions. So that means you need it, right?

Traffic Engineers


But, When Am I Going To Use This?

I lied. You don’t need to understand each calculation to use something. That’s why they exist.

When will you use the area under a curve, or how to calculate the length of a secant segment. I’d like to quote a former teacher and educational YouTuber/Podcaster, C. G. P. Grey.




Moreover, the facts will never be useful to you later in life, ever. Math is a class that teaches you to think logically. Math is the medium of logic, just like language is the medium of communication. Would you be a different person without learning math? Yes, algebra is a method of finding the unknown by non conventional means. Calculus drives into your brain that an impossible problem can be solved by figuring out what happens when looking at things from infinities. Even arithmetic shows basic skills that can be related to everyday considerations


Then When Am I Going To Use This?

Every time you make a single decision, you use logic to decide what, when, why and how. On average, a human make a decision every 15 seconds, but considering you are the type of people who like to read about science, you probably make even more. Since logic is defined by mathematics it is important to learn for good decision making. This doesn’t mean you have to know how to solve a system of two conics your entire life, just during brain development stages.


Well, When Am I Going To Use This?


On your exams, which will help you get into a better university, which will help you get a better job, which will help you maintain economic stability, which will have many benefits for you during your lifetime, which will not prevent the inevitable heat death of the universe. Are you happy now?




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