Life of Fire

To identify something as a living thing, it has to meet a certain set of requirements. An organism must react to its environment, grow, reproduce, maintain homeostasis, use energy, be organized and be made of cells. Everything from a bacterium to a bird meets these requirements (side note: viruses don’t meet these). Although fire isn’t considered alive, why not? It meets all of the above.


Elements of Life

Reaction to Environment

If wind blows on fire, it is capable of pulling reserve heat from its depths to assist the flames. It can also do this in a cold environment or any other conditions.


Everyone knows fire grows. As it develops, it can burn more fuel and has a larger mass.


Fire reproduces in a way similar to binary fission. Part of it splits from the main mass, sometimes assisted and becomes an infant fire.


Very similar to the first element, fire can keep a stable temperature. Lack of heat can be compensated for. Even if it burns too hot, heat is released into the environment.

Energy Use

Fire uses the chemical energy stored in its fuel. What else is there to say?


There are some simple parts of a fire including upper flame, lower flame, fuel, heat reserves, event horizon, singularity and Guy Fawkes.


Remember when I said fuel (multiple times). Ha ha JK. I ment firewood! Wood is made from cells.


Fire Ants

No Reason, Just Ants

Fire Ants
Here in the entomology department, we have a simple two-step formula for answering any question: (1) ants are cool, and (2) we forgot the question because we were thinking about ants.


Thesis Defense

Thesis Defence

Fires just naturally stay burning in wind and cold environments

Yes it does. It sure does (you just supported MY argument!).

Fire doesn’t grow, it just gets bigger

First of all, that’s what growing means. Secondly, fire doesn’t start with the lower flame, heat reserves, event horizon, singularity nor Guy Fawkes.

Fire isn’t reproducing, it’s just splitting

Tell that to my pet salmonella, who reproduces via binary fission. He’ll be sad:


Everything just evens out. That isn’t homeostasis

Homeostasis is life way of keeping things in order. It since evening out is slang for negative feedback, the system is maintaining homeostasis.

Energy use means eats food

No it doesn’t.

Fire doesn’t actually have levels of organization

It does, fire isn’t just a blob. It has *inhale* upper flame, lower flame, fuel, heat reserves, event horizon, singularity and Guy Fawkes.

The cells don’t count because they’re the tree’s cells

If you eat a cucumber, is the material from that cucumber not now part of you. In that case, do you even exist, because all of your body mass came from somewhere.

Ants aren’t cool



Leave your counterarguments in the comments, or Guy Fawkes will get you in your sleep. . .